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Altar and Rosary Society


To Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe
and patroness of the Americas,
you brought an end to the human sacrifices
onthe Aztec altars in the 16th century
by means of your image on the cloak of
St. Juan Diego.
So now we ask you to come to our aid and
bring an end to the sacrificing of our preborn children on the altar of sexual excess and convenience.
Bring us leaders who will respect life from the first
moment of conception until natural death.
Make them strong, honest and
moral men and women.
And, through their efforts, save our nation from moral annihilation and make us a culture of life!
Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, Queen of Peace, save
the nations and peoples of this continent!


Madonna and Child

In Memoriam
The Deceased Members of the St. Paul the Apostle Altar & Rosary Society

Fr. Bernard Michalik
Fr. Peter Parchem
Fr. Norbert Rackensperger
Jim Miles
Marilyn Steinbeck
June Morris
Carole Dondlinger

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,
and let Perpetual Light shine upon them.
May their souls and
the souls of Thy faithfully departed
through the Mercy of God
rest in peace.

Hostess Schedule 2015

February 17

Harriert Harrington-Coordinator
Betty Burgin
Ginger Smith
Lindy Loomis
Linda Kay Johnson
Vivian Phillips

March 17

Cathy McAlister-Coordinator
Donna Marie Snead
Diane Bagwell
Elsie Metzler
Carolyn Carotenuti
Anita Landry

April 21

Judy Hughes-Coordinator
Rita Hanley
Sue Pino
Georgie John
Bette Cegelski
Paula Worsham

May 19

Carol Surbeck-Coordinator
Adela Miles
Dia Hurd
Mary Hansen
Agnes Grogan
Eileen Wagner

June. . . No Meeting

July. . .No Meeting

St. Clare's Retreat
July 24, 25, & 26
July 31, August 1 & 2

August. . .No Meeting

September 15

Regina Narvaez-Coordinator
Barbara Mahoney
Rebecca Untalan
Mila Zambo
Kathleen O'Neill
Epi Banez

October 20

JoAnn Farmer-Coordinator
Bernice Gamble
Sheila Stetson
Ginger Haney
Madeline Moscatelli
Ann Silva

November 17

Election of 2016 Officers

Joy Gifford-Coordinator
Dia Hurd
Cynthia Toscas
Ann Boulais
Sandi Morrissey
Br. Raphael Drew

December 9

Christmas Luncheon
Chair-Cynthia Toscas &
Cathy McAllister
at the Madonna Inn

Pope Francis Birthday December 17

January 19, 2016

Installation of Officers

Lolita Galvez-Coordinator
Generosa Howell
Nona Henn
Elizabeth Cabreros
Grace Racho
Helen Guillory


Special Events:
March 7 & 8
St. Paul's Boutique
March 28 & 29
Palm Sunday Bake Sale
September 7
Host: 5 Cities Christian Women
November 21 & 22
Thanksgiving Bake Sale
December 9
Christmas Luncheon
Hostesses' Duties: for each meeting . .
1. Check supplies early . . . contact officers if supplies are needed.
2. Make coffee.
3. Set up officers' table with podium, microphone, American flag.
4. Set up Mary's shrine.
5. Set up badges.
6. Set up raffle tickets, Mass box, penny basket.
Furnish breakfast or lunch for members attending.

***NOTE: If you are unable to be a hostess for the month assigned, please arrange for a substitute or make an exchange with some other member on the list . . . then notify your coordinator.

President Joy Gifford
Vice President Dia Hurd
Secretary Cynthia Toscas
Treasurer Ann Boulais
Committee Chairmen:
Bake Sale Carol Surbeck

Donna Marie Snead
Cathy McAlister

Nomination Harriet Harrington
JoAnn Farmer
Georgie John
Membership Ann Boulais
Raffle & Christmas Luncheon Cynthia Toscas & Cathy McAlister
Dia Hurd
Mona Adame
Shar Ormonde
Adela Miles
Telephone Sandi Morrissey
Activity Appointments:
Retreat Donna Marie Snead
Sunshine Elsie Metzler
Living Rosary Linda Springer
Buyer of Paper Products for Luncheon Lindy Loomis
Ginger Smith
Directory Setup and Printing Diane Bagwell