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Events This Week
Sunday 17 NO High School Youth Group (resumes in September) 6:30PM
Monday 18 NO Entrance into the Catholic Church (next meeting will be in September) 7:00PM
Tuesday 19 Saint Anthony Novena after Mass 8:00AM
Wednesday 20 Mother of Perpetual Help Novena (after Mass) 8:30AM
    NO Faith Formation K-8 (resumes in September) 4:00PM
    NO Choir Rehearsal 7:00PM
Thursday 21 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 1-6:45PM
    NO Study of the Catechism of the Church with Fr. Victor 7:00PM
Friday 22 NO Bible Study (after Mass) 9:00AM
Sunday 24 NO High School Youth Group (resumes in September) 6:30PM

Altar Servers
Saturday 23 5:30PM Matthew and Marshall Anderson
Sunday 24 5:30PM Sean & Matthew Pringle


Hunter Boulais & Gregory San Diego
  5:30PM Dylan Hert & Lucas Conway

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 17, 2018

They that are planted in the house of the Lord
shall flourish in the courts of our God.—Psalm 92:14

If you would like the bulletin in .pdf format Click here the Latin Mass times and Intentions are also listed in the bulletin

Construction in the Parking Lot
By the time you read this, there is an anticipation that the park- ing lot will have been repaved. The striping of the lot may not be done. Please be careful in driving and parking. It would be better to use the back parking lot.

Father’s Day Novena
The annual novena of Masses for the living and deceased fa- thers, grandfathers, godfathers, stepfathers, etc., will be cele- brated at Saint Paul the Apostle Parish, beginning this week- end. If you would like to enroll a special man (or men) in this series of nine Masses, please take the spiritual bouquet card from the table in the back of the church. For a LIVING father or other significant man, please take the envelope with brown printing which has a greeting card and mailing envelope in it. For a DECEASED father or other man, take only the response card with black printing. Return the response envelopes by June 17th.

Annual Ministries Appeal
The Annual Ministries Appeal is still very much in progress for this year. Many aspects of the operation of the Diocese of Monterey have no direct connection to the parishes. The Bishop coordinates a number of offices and ministries that are available to all the parishes and schools of the Diocese. This special appeal addresses these needed activities of any diocese. The registered parishioners have received information about the appeal in the mail. For those who haven’t received the brochure and response envelope, these are available in the rear of the church. We encourage ALL parishioners to participate as each one is able to participate. PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE DIOCESE OF MONTEREY AND RETURN ALL RESPONSE ENVELOPES TO THE PARISH OFFICE.

Parish Goal $26,000

Amount Pledged $25,715

Amount Paid $19,275

Families Participating 77

Outside the Parish
1)  Please remember in prayer Bishop Garcia who is experi- encing some health issues associated with the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease.

2)  The annual Father’s Day barbecue will take place this Sun- day, June 17th, at Saint Joseph Parish in Nipomo. For $10, the meal includes a half chicken, beans, macaroni salad or Spanish rice, garlic bread or tortilla and salsa. Water and dessert are free.

K of C Father’s Day Reaffirmation of Vows
After the 10:30 a.m. Mass on Father’s Day, Father Alphonse will conduct a paraliturgical ceremony for all fathers who wish to reaffirm their role. This is a renewal of commitment as a father no matter the age of the children.

Do You Have a Franciscan Vocation?
If you think that you have a call from God to live your life as a Franciscan Friar, there is an event happening on July 12th that might give you some insight into the Franciscan way of life. This event will be held on the Central Coast. Please call Fr. Paul at 510-671-0537 to ask about participating.

Senior Health Screening
San Luis Obispo County is conducting senior health screenings. Seniors (50+) will sit with a registered nurse for blood pressure, weight, total cholesterol, anemia, dia- betes, nutrition counseling, referrals, screening, etc. The
sites and times are: Peace Lutheran Church, 244 Oak Park Boulevard, Arroyo Grande, June 19th from 9:00 a.m. to noon and Parkview Manor, 365 Elm Street, Arroyo Grande, Thurs- day, June 21st from 10:00 a.m. to noon. A lipid panel is availa- ble at both. Please call 544-2484, Ext. 1, for an appointment. Fasting is required before the test.

Coffee and Donuts
Coffee and donuts will be available Sunday morning in the hall. Please join your fellow parishioners after the Sunday morning Masses. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.

Continue to pray for those who are ill
Mary Louise Brady, Shawn Clarke, Michalle Hammond, Rosalea Garces, Anne Sterline, Patrick Johnson, Emma Coehlo, Vince Filippi, Hunter Ormonde, Jerry Williams, Samantha Kohler, Shannon Carpenter, Regina Clarke, Elsie Bough, Joe Crescione, Paul Adame, Carla Silva, Anna Ramsey, Phineus McKenna, Steve Skibinski, Florence and Larry Kotlarek, Jan Shields, Gladys Cotter, Jack Schieble, Jim Maloney, Father Christopher Deitz, Brother Christopher Saindon, David and Richard Darin, Phyllis Tish, Linda Kumalac, Armida Robb, Kenneth Bagwell, Lorraine Adler, Delia Cannon, Jannie Graham, Magdaleno Zambo, Cecilia and Randy Thiel, Debbie Riviera, Donna Escoffery, Eddie Chaiday, Annie Delgado, Mel Ormonde, Irma Silva, Ginger Smith, Dolores Menze, Carlito Untalan, Sue Regusci, Rosemarie Smith, Fred Rodic, Joe Pizzo, George Mahoney, Jennifer Lee, Mary Streumpf, Kirby Gordon, Pauline Azaret, Jennifer Salce Ojeda, Natalie Rick, Barbara Matthias, Troy Bruer, Justin Ryan Shahan, Maegan Walling Al and Yvonne Liddicoat, Pedro Merero, Avila Rose Clark, Fay Firmin, Irene Duralde, Christal Kodak, and Theresa Ramirez.

Monday: 1 Kgs 21:1-16; Ps 5:2-3ab, 4b-7; Mt 5:38-42
Tuesday: 1 Kgs 21:17-29; Ps 51:3-6ab, 11, 16; Mt 5:43-48
Wednesday: 2 Kgs 2:1, 6-14; Ps 31:20, 21, 24; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18
Thursday: Sir 48:1-14; Ps 97:1-7; Mt 6:7-15
Friday: 2 Kgs 11:1-4, 9-18, 20; Ps 132:11-14, 17-18;
Mt 6:19-23
Saturday:2 Chr 24:17-25; Ps 89:4-5, 29-34; Mt 6:24-34
Sunday: Is 49:1-6; Ps 139:1-3,13-15; Acts 13:22-26;
Lk 1:57-66, 80


The reign of God comes about because people commit to rever ing their lives completely, to embracing new vision, new values. Many popular television shows exploit an unattractive side of human nature by pitting contestants against one another, even to the point of performing dangerous stunts or devious schemes, to gain money or favor.

At the liturgy, we counter that impulse by committing ourselves to live generously. In response to Christ’s total gift, we offer bread and wine as the emblems of our lives, our hopes, our joys and sorrows. The bread and wine carried to the altar contain our lives, and by of- fering our lives to God, we prepare to receive the gift of God’s own life. We are to become what we receive: the body of Christ.

On Sundays, this self-giving is often accompanied by a collection and procession of gifts for the poor and money for the upkeep of the parish. There are certainly other methods of collecting money, some perhaps more efficient. Yet the acts of giving from our abundance and attending to the needs of the poor open us up to participation in the changes the Reign of God requires. —Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is presented to us as the master story- teller. He loved to use parables as a tool for comparing one thing to something else. In most of his parables, Jesus revealed who God is by comparing God’s essence or actions with something familiar to his listeners. In the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus proclaims a marvelous and irrefutable truth. His small band of disciples, as insig- nificant as they may have felt, would one day produce a mighty king- dom whose growth was initiated by God. The seeds of this kingdom were planted by God and it is God who will harvest the fruit brought forth from those seeds. The extent of the growth of God’s kingdom cannot be predicted. We must trust the work of the Master’s hand as we, the mustard plant, grow and grow. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.

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