Respect Life


God of life and love,
you created us in your image
and sent your Son to bring us life.
Instill in us a respect for all life,
from conception to natural death.
Empower us to work for justice for the poor.
Nourish us that we may bring food to the hungry.
Inspire us to cherish the fragile life of the unborn.
Strengthen us to bring comfort to the chronically ill.
Teach us to treat the aging with dignity and respect.
Bring us one day into the glory of everlasting life.
We ask this through Christ the Lord.

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The Respect For Life ministry focuses on the protection & sanctity of life from conception to natural death. We offer weekly Prayerful Presence in front of local abortion mills & quarterly educational meetings.

A reference library of pro-life materials & information resources for local pregnancy support, adoption, and post-abortion counseling are available. Fundraising & collections of baby & mother items occur throughout the year. Join us!


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